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The Kenya Coffee Traders Association (K.C.T.A.) was registered on 17th April 2002 under Section 10 of the Societies Act. It is a voluntary, non-profit and non-political Association with the following objectives :

  1. To represent all member companies engaged in the coffee industry, either in the export trade or its related services – it is important to mention that the current member register includes Millers / Marketing Agents / Warehousemen / Coffee Equipment suppliers and Transporters.
  2. To act as a forum for discussion and exchange
  3. To disseminate coffee industry information to its members
  4. To assist in the promotion of Kenyan coffee and its industry on the international market

Members benefit from regular information / feedback such as statistics, and a Monthly Report reporting on the activities of the Management Committee which is active in tackling industry issues.

All members subscribe to a code of conduct which provides a framework for responsible and correct business practices within the laws of the republic of Kenya. Various social functions throughout the year ensure that members meet regularly amongst each other, providing for continuous active dialogue.

The Management Committee (eight members) is elected each year at the Association Annual General Meeting, held in October. The trade representative to the Coffee Board is automatically a seconded member of the management committee. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are both eligible to run for office for two subsequent years, following which they must step down. This ensures a rotation of office bearers and hence a dynamic leadership.

The current management team consists of:

Justin Archer Chairman Sangana Commodities Ltd
Jay Sondhi Vice-Chairman Sondhi Trading Co. Ltd.
Danilo Pucci Treasurer Ibero Kenya Ltd
Paras Shah Honorary Secretary Diamond Coffee Co. Ltd.
Dirk Sickmueller Member Taylor Winch (Coffee) Ltd.
Bridget Carrington Member C. Dorman Ltd
Grace Mayiani Member Bollore Africa Logistics
Josphat Mwirigi Member Jowam Coffee Traders Ltd


The following members have subscribed to the new K.C.T.A. Code of Conduct.

1 Africa Tea & Coffee Ltd.
2 Africof Trading Co. Ltd.
3 Brazafric Enterprises Ltd.
4 C. Dorman Ltd.
5 Cafe Logistiques Ltd.
6 Coffee Exporters (Kenya) Ltd.
7 Coffee Management Services
8 Diamond Coffee Co. Ltd.
9 Gourmet Coffee Ltd.
10 Ibero (K) Ltd.
11 Josra Coffee Co. Ltd.
12 Jowam Coffee Trading Ltd.
13 Kofinaf Co. Ltd.
14 Loius Dreyfus Kenya ltd.
15 M.A. Panju & Bros Ltd.
16 Mbaraki Port Warehouses
17 Merali Dewji & Sons (K) Ltd.
18 Nairobi Java House Ltd
19 Nyambene Coffee Mills Ltd
20 Rashid Moledina & Co. (Msa) ltd.
21 Sangana Commodities Ltd.
22 Servicoff Ltd.
23 Sondhi Trading Ltd.
24 Sustainable Management Services
25 Taylor Winch (Coffee) Ltd.
26 Tropical Farm Management Kenya